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Lawn Mowing

We understand the importance of mowing correctly to keep your lawn healthy. Cutting certain grass types too short or infrequently can cause the lawn to turn brown and increase its susceptibility to weeds, diseases, and crabgrass. Weekly lawn maintenance service includes trimming, edging & blowing off sidewalks and drives.

Lawn Aeration

Removal of small cores of soil from the lawn to reduce compaction and improve the ability of grass roots to expand into the soil. Core aeration improves the lawn’s health and vigor, and reduces maintenance requirements. Yearly aeration is strongly recommended by Rutgers University for solving a multitude of turf problems.


Mulch beautifies your landscape by distinguishing ornamental plants from the surrounding lawn or pavement. Mulches also help maintain strong and healthy plants by conserving moisture, providing a more uniform temperature for roots, preventing lawn mower damage, reducing weed growth, allowing new plants to establish and improve your landscape’s appearance.


De-Thatching involves removing the layer of living and dead leaves, stems, and roots just above the soil that inhibits watering and fertilizer nutrients and attracts disease and insects.

Trimming Shrubs and Trees

Trimming Shrubs/Trees improves the structure of trees and strengthen them, improves their overall appearance, removes diseased or damaged wood, and increases the production of flowers, foliage or fruit.
Beautifully Mowed Lawn
Lawn Fertilization

Fertilization Programs

We offer total lawn care programs to increase vitality, and manage soil nutrients, insects, weeds, and diseases. While programs may differ based on each property's specific needs, the following is an example of the application schedule for a typical property in Hunterdon, Mercer, and Bucks Counties.

Primary Applications
Round 1: Early Spring: Balanced fertilization and pre-emergent crabgrass control (for crabgrass, goose-grass and other broad leaf turf weeds).
Round 2: Late Spring: Balanced fertilization and pre-emergent crabgrass control and complete post-emergent broad leaf weed control.
Round 3: Summer: Balanced fertilization and insect control (control of cut work, sod webworms, chinch bugs, and other turf grass insects).
Round 4: Autumn: Balanced fertilization and spot application of weed control post-emergent control of broad leaf weeds.
Round 5: Late Autumn: Dormant fertilization.

Additional Applications
Grub Control: A chemical application to control grubs that feed on grass roots, causing the turf to turn brown and die.

Lime Application: The soils of New Jersey are naturally acidic (low soil pH). Applications of lime on low pH soils will raise the pH and enhance the essential plant nutrients, encourage root growth, improve soil structure, and enhance the growth of beneficial soil micro-organisms.

Over-Seeding and Lawn Renovation:
Fall: Planting grass seed directly into existing turf, without the removal of existing turf or soil. Used to fill in bare spots, improve the density of the turf, establish improved grass varieties, or enhance lawn color. Includes thatch removal, seed starter fertilization, lime application and seeding via slit seeder to promote germination.
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