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Professional Landscape Design & Construction

We Bring Landscapes to Life

McElroy Landscaping will help you design and create a landscape that incorporates natural elements including plant life, geology, sun light, rain, and wind; while maximizing interior and exterior views of your beautiful property. Let us put our passion and expertise to work for you in bringing your landscape to life!

Planting (Trees, Shrubs, Flowers)

Attractive, location appropriate flowers, trees, and shrubs will be selected and planted to your specifications. Planting beds of annuals, perennials, flowering shrubs, or ornamental grasses can add seasonal color and harmony to your landscape. Large caliper trees are available.


Mulch beautifies the landscape by distinguishing ornamental plants from the surrounding lawn or pavement. Mulches also help maintain strong and healthy plants by conserving moisture, providing a more uniform temperature for roots, preventing lawn mower damage, and reducing weed growth; allowing new plants to establish themselves while improving your landscape’s appearance.

Installation of Patios, Walks, & Walls

McElroy Landscaping is proud to be a Certified ICPI Installer (Interlocking Concrete Pavement Institute). We'll help you expand your living room, or create an outdoor living area. Our team brings over 37 years of experience installing patios, outdoor living areas, walks and walls. Following the installation methods prescribed by the Interlocking Concrete Pavement Institute (ICPI), we guarantee that any concrete paver installation done by us will not shift or settle or we will correct it at no cost to the client. (Certain restrictions may apply.)

Landscape Lighting

Lengthen the enjoyment of your property with a well-lit garden and landscape. Lighting will enhance the beauty of your landscaping whether it is used as a dramatic lighting to focus on key areas or safety illumination of stairs and walks.
Design & construction of walkway, plantlife, bushes, and mulch beds
Landscaped walkway, garden, and bushes


Owner Ed McElroy works with homeowners to design scenic and functional landscapes that neighbors envy. Let true professionals work with you in putting together the perfect combination of plants, trees, flowers and property features that compliment your natural setting and thrive in their chosen environments.


Fully licensed and insured, McElroy Landscaping will put our experienced team to work in executing the design plan for your property. From landscapes, to hardscaping, to lawns and everything in between, McElroy Landscaping is poised and qualified to build your dream property. We've been exceeding customer expectations for over 37 years!
Landscaping Project, Before and After
Landscape Project 2
Landscape Project Sod
Landscape Project Walkway
Landscaping Project Pavers
Professional Landscaping for the Discerning Homeowener
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